Lovers Are Lunatics collaborate Tshirt

PAPA ROACHのボーカルJacoby Shaddixのブランド”Lovers Are Lunatics”と、私のコラボレーションした商品発売決定しました!!ロックでとても個性的なブランドで御座います!そして、このデザインはバットを持った不良のCrackhead Skullです。見たまんま!Thanks Jeff!!!

SKULLY LIVES!! We were contacted by Japanese artist and graphic designer, Nukui Bogard @nukuib to collaborate on some designs that would bring Skully to life, to further add to the legend that is, the Crackhead Skull. He created this amazing piece (and more) that will be available very soon! We were so damn excited with the way things turned out we just had to give y’all a taste. Lunatics Squad, so @nukuib some major MADLOVE!!!!




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